I joined the founding class of the Experience Institute and designed my own graduate degree. Instead of choosing a major, I picked a question- How might we redesign society to be more whole? I was looking for answers and I thought they would be hanging out somewhere near the intersection of business, ecology, and community. I completed 3 90-day apprenticeships all over the world and and would come back to Chicago in between to reconnect with my fellow founding class. As a cohort, we were guided through workshops, interactive trainings, site visits and real life projects focused on: self awareness, storytelling, community building, operations, and human-centered design. I learned about how important structure is when navigating through chaos, I discovered some specific answers and techniques that could be used to make a more wholesome world, but most importantly I found the courage to get out there and start building a whole new world.

I completed projects in Australia, Philippines, and Chicago during that year.

You can see a few posts from my learning journey here.


  • When: 2013-2014
  • Where: Global
  • Skills Sharpened: Self Awareness, Storytelling, Community Building, Operations/Finance, Human-Centered Design, Ecological Design, Project Management, Organizational Development, Pioneer
  • Website: https://expinstitute.com/