finance and accounting


As an associate in the Consumer Finance Group, I worked on financial analytics, auditing, valuations, consulting, process engineering, and client development.




Chicago, IL



It was 2009 and the financial meltdown was in full swing. I joined the Consumer Finance Group, a hybrid audit/consulting group that focused on the mortgage banking and credit card industry. PwC was the only professional services provider prior to the 2009 crash that has a group dedicated to this niche; I experienced the group grow 300% while I was there.

I was involved with high-profile clients and learned a great deal about how big business works. Some of my work included- excel, modeling, auditing, documentation, valuations, process engineering, coaching interns, and client development.

I was on a fast path to early promotion, but I felt unfulfilled and underemployed. I was convinced there was something more I could be doing to make this world a better place, I wanted to use what I learned about business to make a positive impact in our world. So, I left and started down an entrepreneurial journey.