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Writing a Book

A book about regeneration through the lens of my own life experiences. In practice, I’ve written more than 500,000 words and the first draft of a book proposal. This project is in pause, book currently being lived.






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A time machine booth at a conference provided a great deal of encouragement and support to write a book, you can read more about the backstory here.

I have written ~500,000 words so far and through the process have learned a great deal about myself and the power of writing and reflecting every day.

I wrote a book proposal along with my trusted colleague Dane Johnson and through this process I realized there’s more book to be lived for the time being. I’m grateful for what the process has taught me. When the time is right, the book will be published. I do know that, based on its initial outline, the book will be:

-an autobiography of a young man from the suburbs of Chicago who ditched a promising career as a financial consultant on Wall Street in order to build a collection of eco-businesses in Central America.
-about surrendering to the “slipstream of synchronicity,” a way of engaging the world with undying optimism and a willingness to let go.
-about turning weakness into great strength.
-about regeneration.

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