the simple good

My first startup project after leaving the corporate world, where I first learned about web development, social media, and the challenges of cultivating healthy working relationships.




Chicago, IL



It started as a photoblog of 52 images from around the world exemplifying the simple good in our every day lives. From my travels around the globe (at this point I had been to ~35 countries), I noticed a universality about simple things that are inherently good no matter what culture/country you come from. For example, the steam rising from a cup of coffee in the morning, or a beautiful flower you noticed on the way to work, or kids full of laughter playing in the park. The hope was to share this with the world and have the world share back with one another through our platform. This is when I first began learning how to build websites, create content, consistency, and social media.

My co-founder and I had different visions, so I stepped away and she continues to grow and build the simple good beyond what either of us had imagined.