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Strategy and Planning

Systems Design

Organizational Development


Team Building

Real Estate Development

Finance and Modeling

Accounting & Reporting

Construction Management

Design Thinking

Hospitality Management

Design Inspired by Nature

Who benefits most from my services?

Types of Organizations

I have helped organizations of all sizes, stages of development, as well as a wide breadth of industries. I am particularly adept at delivering value for startups, high-growth companies, and mission-driven organizations seeking to use business as a tool for good. 

Types of Questions I can help you Explore

How might we most effectively grow our organization’s capacities as we keep up with increasing demand? 

How might we foster a culture of of creativity and collaboration? 

How might we design operational systems that can scale organically as demand grows?

How might we improve our accounting and finance reports to provide more useful business inteligence? 

What do we need to focus on today?

What’s next? 

My Values


It’s not about being fearless, its more about noticing fear, putting fear in its place and moving forward. Fortitude.


Facilitating memorable and authentic experiences in a consistent manner. Holding ourselves to the highest standards possible. 


Conscious communication. Teams that work collaboratively obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition.


A combination of love, caring, empathy, understanding, and a desire to help unconditionally. Seeing the humanity in others while celebrating our
shared humanness.

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