I’ve worn every hat in the organization. I’ve walked for miles in others’ shoes. I’m on a mission to further your mission.


Strategy | Operations | Finance | Human Capital | Leadership

Casa Oro Group

A collection of for-purpose businesses dedicated to service, hospitality, adventure, and real food. At the Casa Oro Group, we use business as a tool to regenerate human and environmental abundance. 

Oro Chocolate

Award-winning bean to bar fine chocolate crafted from rare cacao in country of origin. I manage all aspects of the business that make production possible including strategy, operations, finance, factory design, and packaging design.

Design & Development

Human-Centered Design | Design Inspired by Nature | Real Estate Development | Construction Management | Eco-Tourism

Casa Ruth

A 5 bedroom abandoned home transformed into a coveted beach rental home perfect for groups and families. I managed all aspects of design, remodeling, execution, and quality control for this project.

El Pacfico Hotel

A historic 13-room hotel in the exclusive Talanguera neighborhood with large pool, extensive gardens, 1 block from the beach. I managed an electrical and plumbing systems upgrade along with an aesthetic facelift breathing new life into this property.

Casa Andalucia

A redevelopment project for an 8 room boutique B&B nestled atop a hill overlooking the bay. I handled all aspects of design, construction, engineering, and procurement. This project involved an emergency construction plan in response to a natural disaster, resulting in a resilient buildout.

Nuestra Casa

A dilapidated house transformed into a vibrant 6-bedroom guesthouse with ensuite bathrooms, communal kitchen, A/C, pool, and private lookout deck. The project finished with an Art-A-Thon gathering 10 artists for the finishing touches.

Casa Oro Eco Hostel

A historic backpacker’s hostel and surf shop taken to the next level with a full remodeling inside-out. This hostel is the anchor property of Casa Oro Group offering 106 beds, surf shop, beach shuttles, tours, and a farm-to-table restaurant.

Rancho Regeneración

An 80-acre development project serving as the experimental grounds for what regenerative real estate can look like. Current activities include organic food production, city-wide composting and recycling center, agroforestry test plots, and a self sufficient super adobe dome. 

Social Innovation

Self-Awareness | Storytelling | Community Building | Ecological Design | Organizational Development

Experience Institute

A self-directed graduate study program where I completed 3 90-day apprenticeships focused on the intersection of business, ecology, and community. Our core curriculum centered around self awareness, storytelling, operations, design thinking, and community building. 

Leo Burnett

I worked alongside the Chief Innovation Officer using a design thinking approach to explore, “How might we foster creativity and collaboration in the workplace?” Project culminated with an interactive workshop involving all levels and departments and a 30-page report detailing my findings.

Earth Village Project

I helped host more than 100 volunteers from around the world to build a typhoon bunker made from recycled and natural materials. I served as the chief documenter during the project, helped activate a community garden, hosted adobe building workshops, and worked with locals to establish a co-op model.

Healthy Food Permaculture

Clear Springs Sanctuary

I completed a Permaculture Design Course, identified common passions amongst aspiring partners, brought the team together, wrote a business proposal, and built a financial model that would be used as a capital raising tool.

Finca Bona Fide

An off-grid permaculture education center where I deepened my understanding of design inspired by nature through studying and real world practice.

Rancho Margot

An off-grid eco-lodge where I served as a volunteer tending to the gardens, cleaning the cattle corrals, making compost, and creating an excel-based farm management system.

Writing a Book

A book about regeneration through the lens of my own life experiences. In practice, I’ve written more than 500,000 words and the first draft of a book proposal. This project is in pause, book currently being lived.


Finance | Accounting | Systems | Startups | Management

buy positively

My second startup attempt aimed at addressing mass consumerism. The vision was to crowdsource philanthropy for sustainable businesses as a means of increasing consumer engagement. I learned a lot, but this project never took flight.

The Simple Good

My first startup project after leaving the corporate world, where I first learned about web development, social media, and the challenges of cultivating healthy working relationships.


As an experienced associate in the Consumer Finance Group, I worked on financial analytics, auditing, valuations, consulting, process engineering, and client development.


A stint working in the family business where I helped develop accounting systems, metric dashboards, and improved efficiency through process upgrades.

Support Community


The largest student-run organization in the world, a youth leadership development platform where I helped more than 50 students have meaningful international experiences.

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