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Rancho Regeneración

An 80-acre development project serving as the experimental grounds for what regenerative real estate can look like. Current activities include organic food production, city-wide composting and recycling center, agroforestry test plots, and a self sufficient super adobe dome. 




El Carrizal, Nicaragua

A Frame Permaculture
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Healthy Food Permaculture
Permaculture Design Project

This was the beginning of the formation of a larger group of businesses that would become known as the Casa Oro Group. It all started with 80 acres of raw land located 6km South of San Juan del Sur in the rural community of Carrizal; nearby where two seasons of Survivor were filmed. A dear friend and collaborator wrote a beautiful story documenting the start of what was then called Cirulo, our mission to build the most regenerative community on the planet.

This includes everything from food, housing, economy, community, education, the environment, and so many more aspects of regeneration that we continue to learn about each day. So far, we have dug a well, connected a solar-powered pump, built the first phases of our road system, built a bridge across a ravine, built a storage shed and composting area, established a recycling and composting center that handles ‘waste’ that we transport from San Juan del Sur, and we have began with plantings of 2 acres of organic, chemical free food, which in turn supplies the Casa Oro restaurant.

The next phases of this project include expanding our food production, syntropic agroforestry and eco-luxury real estate development on top of the hill with ocean views.