Ecological Design

Finca Bona Fide

An off-grid permaculture education center where I deepened my understanding of design inspired by nature through studying and real world practice.




Ometepe Island, Nicaragua


After Rancho Margot, I made my way North to the wild and raw land of Nicaragua. I knew I wanted to go deeper into permaculture and further my connection with nature, but I didn’t know how or where. In a very fortunate series of events (i.e. synchronicity), I landed in Balgue on Ometepe Island in the middle of nowhere Nicaragua. I lived in an open air structure, slept under a mosquito net, wore 1 pair of shorts (no shoes, no shirt), bathed in the lake and lived closer to nature than I ever had in my life.

Although very different from the city life I was accustomed to, it felt weirdly natural. I deepened my studies in permaculture, a design science inspired by nature via: reading books, asking questions and getting my hands and feet very dirty.

I was inspired with new ideas about how permaculture principles could be applied to building a business and making the world a better place. I was also conscious that I was an infant in this world of ‘back to nature’ business and I was eager to continue learning.

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