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Experience Institute

Lessons that Keep Learning from Experience Institute

Lessons that Keep Learning from Experience Institute

Before joining Experience Institute (Ei), I was already sold on experiential learning. I’d been a nerd in my younger years – always studying books and seeking answers to my many musings – but, learning how to be a better human didn’t happen through studying books, it...

A Culture of Creativity and Collaboration

A Culture of Creativity and Collaboration

I am working with Leo Burnett this summer on the innovation squad with with Mark, Chief Innovation Officer and Carey, SVP Strategic Partnerships. The project is about exploring creativity and collaboration within a company culture. Leo Burnett is a 78 year-old award...

The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling predates written communication. Stories have been shared in every culture that exists. Whether instilling moral values, recounting ancestral heritage or passing down culture through the generations, the entire fabric of our lives and the world is simply...


La Nina: Semana Santa in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua

La Nina: Semana Santa in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua

I stood on the beach admiring the sun’s descent over the horizon, as I do every day. Another beautiful sunset. This day was different though. I had trouble keeping my gaze on the oranges and reds, I was drawn to all the Semana Santa action. All along the beach, there...

Tribal Alliance Round Up

Tribal Alliance Round Up

Tribal Alliance is a leadership immersion retreat for individuals creating holistic solutions to our world’s woes. Over 100 passionate people came together in the lush jungles of Costa Rica for five days. We gathered round in a big circle under the stars to begin our...

Progress is Practice

I have been writing a bit. I set a goal of 1,000 words a day on my computer. That was 150 days ago: September 23, 2014. I didn’t hit the goal every day, its undulated considerably. Setting the goal and telling people about it put a flag in the ground. It gave me...



Evolution of Tourism: Riviera Maya

Evolution of Tourism: Riviera Maya

The Caribbean coast was mostly uninhabited before tourism arrived in Cancun 20-some years ago. Taking it from the top, there’s Cancun. It started out as a super exclusive place for select wealthy nationals and expats. People started investing in the area, developing...

Chasing Surf in Life

This morning I awoke early and laid in bed for some time, meditating, enjoying the state in between being awake and dreaming. High tide at Playa Amarillo was at 8:45am, that's the best time to surf these particular waves today. I got out of bed at 7:15, leisurely did...

Step by Step

Step by Step

I spent three weeks on the edge of the Andes and the Amazon in the Sacred Valley of Peru. I remembered what its like to birth something miraculous, I practiced shamanism and permaculture whilst climbing mountains. It was a mystical, yet practical experience and I’m...

buy positively

When did eating poison become so popular? benfrostisdead: ‘Home Delivery’ acrylic on small fry package. 2013. #benfrost #art #consumerism #death

The USA is about to treat the world to a mutant salmon which could wipe out native salmon populations and threaten human health. How could this possible be a good idea?  Sign the petition from avaaz and let your voice be heard. Let’s put an end to...

We need to measure what really matters

Your Dreams Matter

I can help you and your organization deliver greater impact drawing upon my diverse experiences from across the world. I am a seasoned professional who has worked with organizations of all sizes and stages of development in an array of industries.




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