This was my second apprenticeship as a student my yearlong graduate degree at Experience Institute. While I was in Australia, I heard about Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that ravaged the Philippines. At the time, it was the strongest storm that had ever made landfall in recorded history. I joined the Earth Village Project, a project aimed to help rebuild a village in the most sustainable way imaginable. It was an emergency response situation and I got to play a vital role in being a leader, while also being the glue. I helped host more than 100 volunteers from around the world to build The Windship, a typhoon bunker made from recycled and natural materials, I served as the chief documenter and storyteller during the project, I helped activate a community garden, hosted adobe building workshops, and worked with the local community on establishing a co-op model focused on building trust and transparency. I also crashed a motorcycle, almost died, and was nursed back to health using natural remedies by the local community. It was nothing short of a miracle and the kindness of the Filipino people in their most dire time will forever be in my heart.

The Windship has been used as a bunker during subsequent typhoons and saved lives. When it’s not a bunker, it is used as a classroom.

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Below is a mini documentary about the Windship.

BATUG WINDSHIP, an anti-typhoon earthship in the PHILIPPINES from KLAR on Vimeo.

  • When: 2014
  • Where: Batug, Leyte, Philippines
  • Skills Sharpened: Ecological Design, Earthship Construction, Project Management, Rehabilitation, Community Organizing, Adobe Building, Healing