This was my third and final apprenticeship as part of my yearlong graduate degree at Experience Institute. I worked alongside the Chief Innovation Officer of Leo Burnett, a leading global advertising agency based in Chicago. Our mission was to explore, “How might we foster creativity and collaboration in the workplace?” Leo Burnett is a behemoth of an organization where internal organizational culture is constantly trying to catch up with the pace of the ever faster evolving world. My aim was to help bridge this gap. I listened to people at all levels of the organization from interns to the C-Suite, conducted a worksop that generated hundreds of ideas and prototypes and wrapped everything up into a neat 30-page report with my findings. This project was especially meaningful because I got to bring what I had learned from nature back into the board room in a way that mattered for everyone involved. Leo Burnett continues to work with Experience Institute on innovating their workplace culture.

  • When: 2014
  • Where: Chicago, IL USA
  • Skills Sharpened: Collaboration, Creativity, Human-Centered Design, Organizational Development, Culture Change, Innovation, Communication
  • Website: