After investing in Casa Oro, we were standing on the shoulders of giants and cash flow positive from day 1. Things were going well, so my investors and I decided it was a good idea to keep going and do more things well. We wanted to stay in San Juan del Sur, while diversifying our customer base, so we bought a house near the beach that was ripe for remodeling. This was the first major remodeling project which included the addition of a new bedroom, bathroom, laundry and service area as well as a 10m tall water tower and lookout point. You can see a video of the sunset from the lookout, it is the best view in town of the bay, we call it the Terrace of Angels. I wanted there to be unique art everywhere, murals on the wall to reflect the seriousness of our commitment to this place, so we concluded the remodeling with a weeklong Art-A-Thon where 10 aspiring artists from around the world and Nicaragua transformed Nuestra Casa into a a masterpiece. You can read a bit about it here. Nuestra Casa has been welcoming guests since August 2016 and it continues be one of the highest rated B&B properties in Nicaragua.


  • When: 2016-present
  • Where: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
  • Skills Sharpened: Social Entrepreneurship, Organizational Development, Negotiation, Construction Management, Patience, Organic Farming, Social Media, Empathy, Company Culture, Art, Collaboration, Community Empowerment, Real Estate Development, Hospitality, Service, Experience Design, Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Risk Taking, Optimism
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