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Magic and Time Travel Update

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At the World Domination Summit, I was called on stage at the end of the conference and told that I was going to receive some help accomplishing what I hoped for my life in 2020. The World Domination Summit is an annual gathering of 3,000 nonconformists from around the world who carve remarkable lives for themselves in our conventional world. Over the previous eight years, I had many ideas for a book I might write some day; motivated by my journeys around the world. My Dad seeded the idea, actually….read more

Chasing Surf in Life

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This morning I awoke early and laid in bed for some time, meditating, enjoying the state in between being awake and dreaming. High tide at Playa Amarillo was at 8:45am, that’s the best time to surf these particular waves today. I got out of bed at 7:15, leisurely did some stretches and then we loaded our surfboards into the truck and drove over. The waves were looking great, peeling slowly. There was swell in the water and my surf instructor, Duff, told me the conditions were clean, that’s surf lingo for…read more


Step by Step

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I spent three weeks on the edge of the Andes and the Amazon in the Sacred Valley of Peru. I remembered what its like to birth something miraculous, I practiced shamanism and permaculture whilst climbing mountains. It was a mystical, yet practical experience and I’m sure I’ll be downloading the lessons for quite some time. I’ve learned that everything we do must happen one step at a time. One incremental step at a time. The Paititi Institute is an innovative organization that practices holistic healing. One of their ethics I…read more

Magic and Time Travel at the World Domination Summit 2014

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Last year, while at the World Domination Summit, I made some little big decisions that have transformed my life. It proved to be the most electric gathering of people I had been a part of, so I impulsively bought a ticket for WDS2014 right after the conference ended last year. Near the registration booth for WDS 2014, an unassuming ‘capsule’ beckoned. I remember it being a time capsule. Inside, a little stoop sat near the ground and a camera lens that peered  into your future. From behind the white canvas wall,…read more

A Culture of Creativity and Collaboration

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I am working with Leo Burnett this summer on the innovation squad with with Mark, Chief Innovation Officer and Carey, SVP Strategic Partnerships. The project is about exploring creativity and collaboration within a company culture. Leo Burnett is a 78 year-old award winning agency employing 1900 people globally. They are experts at crafting brand stories that connect with people. Leo Burnett is known for campaigns like Earth Hour, Tony the Tiger, Marlboro Man, Coca-Cola etc. As consumer sentiments continue to shift at an increasing rate, company culture is challenged to…read more

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