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Magic and Time Travel at the World Domination Summit 2014

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Last year, while at the World Domination Summit, I made some little big decisions that have transformed my life. It proved to be the most electric gathering of people I had been a part of, so I impulsively bought a ticket for WDS2014 right after the conference ended last year. Near the registration booth for WDS 2014, an unassuming ‘capsule’ beckoned. I remember it being a time capsule. Inside, a little stoop sat near the ground and a camera lens that peered  into your future. From behind the white canvas wall,…read more

The Art of Storytelling

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Storytelling predates written communication. Stories have been shared in every culture that exists. Whether instilling moral values, recounting ancestral heritage or passing down culture through the generations, the entire fabric of our lives and the world is simply series of stories intricately woven together. Storytelling is a key component of our curriculum here at Experience Institute, and I’ve learned a lot about it this year. Sandee Kastrul, our storytelling facilitator, told me I was a talented storyteller during our first Meetup in September. I was a bit surprised by this…read more


Happy Independence Day!

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The fourth of July, a great American holiday celebrating our independence. When I was in high school, I always thought I can’t wait to get out of this country. A bit of an ironic thing for the son of an immigrant to believe. I saw so many problems, thinking everything was broken here and things would be better in other parts of the world. I’ve had a bountiful ride since then circling the world many times. I’ve even gotten to immerse myself in some of the most remote corners of planet…read more

Earth Village Project Evolution

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The Earth Village Project is a regenerative rehabilitation response to Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. In collaboration with the community of Batug, we have built a Windship, planted a community garden, helped a family build a mud house and set up base camp. What’s next? We’re piloting a learning village where we will work with the community to empower folks to build mud walls and home gardens. We plan on holding workshops where villagers teach their neighbors what they’ve learned. The idea is to start with ten people split into…read more

Unseen Shadow Workers

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There was a tremendous amount of work that went into preparing for the Windship Build with Earthship Biotecture and The Earth Village Project. Earthship had done a similar humanitarian build in Malawi where they planned for 6 months in advance, yet they were still faced with many hurdles like running out of drinking water. This time, we had 6 weeks. It was mayhem and there were some tense times, yet everything worked out just as it was meant to be.  All energies in the Earth Village Project were channeled to…read more

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