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Lessons that Keep Learning from Experience Institute

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Before joining Experience Institute (Ei), I was already sold on experiential learning. I’d been a nerd in my younger years – always studying books and seeking answers to my many musings – but, learning how to be a better human didn’t happen through studying books, it transpired over seven years of nomadic living. So, when it came to continuing my higher education, I didn’t need convincing that experience was the best way to learn. There’s a few lessons from that year of designing my own graduate degree that continue to…read more

A Culture of Creativity and Collaboration

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I am working with Leo Burnett this summer on the innovation squad with with Mark, Chief Innovation Officer and Carey, SVP Strategic Partnerships. The project is about exploring creativity and collaboration within a company culture. Leo Burnett is a 78 year-old award winning agency employing 1900 people globally. They are experts at crafting brand stories that connect with people. Leo Burnett is known for campaigns like Earth Hour, Tony the Tiger, Marlboro Man, Coca-Cola etc. As consumer sentiments continue to shift at an increasing rate, company culture is challenged to…read more

The Art of Storytelling

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Storytelling predates written communication. Stories have been shared in every culture that exists. Whether instilling moral values, recounting ancestral heritage or passing down culture through the generations, the entire fabric of our lives and the world is simply series of stories intricately woven together. Storytelling is a key component of our curriculum here at Experience Institute, and I’ve learned a lot about it this year. Sandee Kastrul, our storytelling facilitator, told me I was a talented storyteller during our first Meetup in September. I was a bit surprised by this…read more


Reflection is Learning

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Two experiences down, we’re in the home stretch now of this learning journey year, but its really just the beginning. In the last meetup, there was much action around the idea that reflection is learning. Sure, I’m a founding student of the Experience Institute where we believe in learning by doing. We’re discovering though that its in that reflection time after the doing that you’re able to deepen your learning. Allow me to illustrate with an example. In the last term, I spent three months in rural Philippines working on a sustainable regeneration…read more

The Windship Has Landed

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On February 23, 2014 more than 70 people from around the world and the Philippines converged in Batug to build the first Windship the world has ever seen. A Windship is an Earthship-inspired typhoon bunker built using recycled materials employing a closed loop waste management system. Michael Reynolds, the founder of Earthship Biotecture and an architect who has been building living structures from trash for 40 years is the designer of the Windship. Why does this matter for the community of Batug? Typhoon Yolanda destroyed many buildings in its wake….read more

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