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The Windship Has Landed

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On February 23, 2014 more than 70 people from around the world and the Philippines converged in Batug to build the first Windship the world has ever seen. A Windship is an Earthship-inspired typhoon bunker built using recycled materials employing a closed loop waste management system. Michael Reynolds, the founder of Earthship Biotecture and an architect who has been building living structures from trash for 40 years is the designer of the Windship. Why does this matter for the community of Batug? Typhoon Yolanda destroyed many buildings in its wake….read more

Regenerative Rehabilitation – A Fresh Flavor of Relief

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The Earth Village Project is focused on regenerative rehabilitation; we’ve taken the word relief out of our vocabulary. There are no beneficiaries; we work collaboratively with the community, learning together. It comes back to the age-old adage of “If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for the rest of his life.” We’re learning from the community of Batug, understanding what their fish really is and teaching them how to harvest it with the flow of nature….read more

Sustainable Rehabilitation in the land of Waray

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Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) was off the scale. A category six storm that devastated the Philippines, it was the strongest storm to wreak havoc on land in the history of humanity. I have been working with the Earth Village Project since January in the Barangay (village) of Batug situated on the island of Dulag, Leyte. We’re near the most destructive path of the storm in the land of Waray. Waray translates to nothing. Yolanda landed here to help the people of nothing rise up into fullness. Its only when you’re empty…read more

Pintakasi – Unconditional Community Support

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We arrived into Batug as a convoy of nine people contained in an SUV and a multicab packed full of tools, tents and supplies that were mostly donated. I would observe those little cars packed full of huge loads whilst traveling, always being amused and laughing at the whole scene. This time, I was the driver of that scene and it was the definition of adventure. I’ve been learning how to speak the language of the Universe the last few months and the synchronicities have been incredible. The last ten…read more

Give and You Shall Receive

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I was debating what I should do after my experience in Australia. There’s a built in transition period designed into my year with Experience Institute and I was thinking maybe I’d have a week or two of ‘vacation’ time riding around New Zealand on a motorcycle, backpacking through Laos or maybe snowboarding in Japan- spoiled for choices. When I was in Australia, I heard about a typhoon that swept through the Philippines. People were saying it’s the most powerful storm that has ever come to land in the history of…read more

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