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Tribal Alliance Round Up

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Tribal Alliance is a leadership immersion retreat for individuals creating holistic solutions to our world’s woes. Over 100 passionate people came together in the lush jungles of Costa Rica for five days. We gathered round in a big circle under the stars to begin our five day ceremony. The night sounds of the jungle welcomed us into the space as the organizers blessed the gathering. We called upon our spirit guides and protectors. There was fluid supply of burning sage and incense. Smoke has been traditionally used for eons as…read more

Magic and Time Travel at the World Domination Summit 2014

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Last year, while at the World Domination Summit, I made some little big decisions that have transformed my life. It proved to be the most electric gathering of people I had been a part of, so I impulsively bought a ticket for WDS2014 right after the conference ended last year. Near the registration booth for WDS 2014, an unassuming ‘capsule’ beckoned. I remember it being a time capsule. Inside, a little stoop sat near the ground and a camera lens that peered  into your future. From behind the white canvas wall,…read more

Relational Co-Inquiry : Creating Miracles

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There were twelve of us in a circle in the middle of the room. Each was playing an instrument of some kind from little bells to bongo drums, making oral sounds and dancing around. It felt quite tribal and I didn’t really know what to make of this tuning as Dr. Gregg Lahood referred to it. Tuning was a central part of the relational co-inquiry workshop I participated in and I learned even though it might look odd, it’s a tool that can be used to inspire miracles. Over the…read more

Experience Institute Meetup #1

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Six misfits from around the country flew into Chicago earlier this month to be the founding class of a new kind of school rooted in real world experiences. An artist, a writer, an entrepreneur, an engineer, an architect and a business strategist converged to embark on this crazy adventure, choosing to take the path less traveled. It’s rare to have so many varying backgrounds in the same room, much less on the same team. We’re doing it though and the first meetup has been an intense, remarkable and beautiful experience….read more

Urban Agriculture Forces Creativity

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Over the last week, I’ve been exploring urban agriculture applications and have been delighted to discover that there’s actually some really cutting edge stuff going on in Chicago, some people really pushing the envelope. It’s a really interesting dichotomy because your average Chicagoan’s consciousness pales in comparison to your average Portlandian (for instance), yet there is still some really cool stuff going on in our fair city. Last Saturday, I spent a day volunteering at The Plant. This place is located in the Back of the Yards neighborhood- Southside of…read more

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