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Lessons that Keep Learning from Experience Institute

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Before joining Experience Institute (Ei), I was already sold on experiential learning. I’d been a nerd in my younger years – always studying books and seeking answers to my many musings – but, learning how to be a better human didn’t happen through studying books, it transpired over seven years of nomadic living. So, when it came to continuing my higher education, I didn’t need convincing that experience was the best way to learn. There’s a few lessons from that year of designing my own graduate degree that continue to…read more

Reflection is Learning

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Two experiences down, we’re in the home stretch now of this learning journey year, but its really just the beginning. In the last meetup, there was much action around the idea that reflection is learning. Sure, I’m a founding student of the Experience Institute where we believe in learning by doing. We’re discovering though that its in that reflection time after the doing that you’re able to deepen your learning. Allow me to illustrate with an example. In the last term, I spent three months in rural Philippines working on a sustainable regeneration…read more

Opportunity > Problem

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If you’ve tuned into the world lately, you might have heard about all the problems and challenges facing humanity today. There’s something weird happening with our climate, plenty of examples of environmental degradation and pollution, not to mention all the news about geo-political conflicts and looming global economic collapse. With all this dialogue about seemingly insurmountable problems plaguing our world today, it’s understandably a challenge to get out of bed some mornings. Negativity will inevitably breed more negativity and it seems we might be stuck in a bit of a…read more

Why I’ve Joined The Experience Institute

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I’m starting a school. I decided to accept my offer to join the founding class of the Experience Institute. It’s a new kind of higher education rooted in real-world experiences. Over the course of a year, I will participate in three meetups focused on skills-based learning and complete three apprenticeships- learning by doing. Each student guides their own experience by choosing apprenticeships that fit their goals and aspirations best. I’ve decided to focus my learning journey on applying my business skills and experiences to permaculture design and solutions for self…read more

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