I’m starting a school.

I decided to accept my offer to join the founding class of the Experience Institute. It’s a new kind of higher education rooted in real-world experiences. Over the course of a year, I will participate in three meetups focused on skills-based learning and complete three apprenticeships- learning by doing. Each student guides their own experience by choosing apprenticeships that fit their goals and aspirations best. I’ve decided to focus my learning journey on applying my business skills and experiences to permaculture design and solutions for self sufficiency.

I feel like this is the convergence of so many different things I’m passionate about all bundled up into one opportunity. I get to start a school with an inspiring team, be part of shifting the education paradigm and I get to give myself the space to learn by diving deep into the world of sustainability. When I was in Central America learning about permaculture and self sufficiency as a volunteer, I started to think about Victor and the Leap Year Project and how I could use a similar model for spending a year learning. This is when Victor announced the Experience Institute, the timing was perfect. I spent the next month telling many adventure-seeking backpackers about Ei, but I think I was actually subconsciously trying to help myself get out of my way so I could embrace this opportunity.

Shortly after accepting my invitation to join the founding class, on the night of our first google hangout meetup, I was in Telluride, Colorado for a festival. I missed most of the google hangout because I was driving through mountains from the airport and didn’t have any service. Shortly after, I went to grab some food at a local joint and saw a few copies of the Leap Year Project book non-nonchalantly chilling on the counter. I felt like my decision was validated, cosmic stuff.

On the first night, we had a skype session with Bob Goff, he said we should think of him as our crazy uncle. I’m heeding his advice, “Don’t despise small beginnings.”