Muffadal Saylawala

Tribal Alliance Round Up

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Tribal Alliance is a leadership immersion retreat for individuals creating holistic solutions to our world’s woes. Over 100 passionate people came together in the lush jungles of Costa Rica for five days. We gathered round in a big circle under the stars to begin our five day ceremony. The night sounds of the jungle welcomed us into the space as the organizers blessed the gathering. We called upon our spirit guides and protectors. There was fluid supply of burning sage and incense. Smoke has been traditionally used for eons as…read more

Evolution of Tourism: Riviera Maya

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The Caribbean coast was mostly uninhabited before tourism arrived in Cancun 20-some years ago. Taking it from the top, there’s Cancun. It started out as a super exclusive place for select wealthy nationals and expats. People started investing in the area, developing the beachside with luxurious resorts and getaways. The powdery white sand and warm turquoise waters filled with blossoming marine life didn’t stay secret for long. Word got out and it spread like wildfire. Then the town exploded; hotels and nightlife as far as the eye can see, eating…read more


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The first harvest of the randomly sprouted mulberry tree that started growing on the creek bank because we let nature do it’s thing. #ecology #permaculture (at Darien, IL)