At the World Domination Summit, I was called on stage at the end of the conference and told that I was going to receive some help accomplishing what I hoped for my life in 2020. The World Domination Summit is an annual gathering of 3,000 nonconformists from around the world who carve remarkable lives for themselves in our conventional world. Over the previous eight years, I had many ideas for a book I might write some day; motivated by my journeys around the world.

My Dad seeded the idea, actually. I had returned to Chicago after an eight-month journey that took me from Brazil to Africa and the Far East. I was telling Abu a few stories about what I had experienced and he excitedly told me, “You should write a book!” My lizard brain told me I don’t have enough experience to write a book, so I didn’t pay much attention to the wise fatherly encouragement.

Over the last eight years, the idea has been swimming around and really began to surface in the last year or two. At WDS, Chris – the leader of World Domination Summit and New York Times Bestselling author – offered to help me write this book I’ve been dreaming about. I feel like the entire World Domination Summit community has reached out and thrown me a life jacket. I’m floating now, yet drowning in gratitude, thanks.

What floating looks like is structuring the book, identifying key messages to share, a sample chapter, and action items I learned about while studying the Unconventional Guide to Publishing. I recognize that there’s a lot that goes into this whole book writing business. I went through bits of disillusionment with how much other stuff is involved in writing a book that has nothing to do with writing. After I came down from the high I felt coming off the stage at WDS, I soon felt pressure. I felt 3,000 hearts eagerly awaiting this creation. Even though I had all the help I could have ever dreamed for at my fingertips, I was paralyzed. My creative juices focused on another project I had been working on for the summer and didn’t do that much with the book, or so I thought.

I’ve started five different blogs over the years. The blog I wrote throughout last year represents my most persistent effort. I wasn’t meeting my personal writing goals, but I was getting much closer than I ever had before.

Since WDS, I have journaled three-page stream of consciousness writings; a technique I learned from Sarah, a friend I met at WDS the year before. Remember how I said I wanted to be naked in front of the world in the clip that was played on stage? I figure, if I want to be naked in front of the world, maybe I should start with myself. So, I spend quality time with myself, naked. I especially like to write and sleep naked. If I get really comfortable being naked in front of myself, maybe I won’t need to be naked in front of the world, there will be nothing left to show, or hide, for that matter.

I finished my summer project and graduated as one of the founding students of Experience Institute in September. However, you don’t really graduate from Experience Institute – it’s more like one of those lifelong endeavors that changes the way you see the world and continues on shaping you.

So, with more time to focus back on writing, I finally followed up with the people who offered me coaching and help for this book project. They helped me see that even though there’s a bunch of other stuff you have to do in order to write a book that don’t involve writing, JUST WRITE! Organizing and synthesizing activities are worthless unless you’ve got something to work with!

On September 23, I set an intention to write at least 1000 words daily, recalling different stories of my life and what I’ve learned. That night, I visited Chris on The Happiness of Pursuit Book Tour in the Chicago suburbs. The following morning, I jetted off to Peru to participate in a shamanic permaculture course.

I was going to be completely off the grid – on the side of a mountain at the edge of the Andes and the Amazon, but I made this commitment to myself. I understand now that the commitments I make to myself are the most important kind. I packed a solar panel and battery in my mountain pack, so I didn’t have any excuses whatsoever.

I can’t say I hit the goal every single day so far, but, averaging it out, I’m making steady progress, one step at a time. I’ve got a serious writing practice going that brings me joy. I’m finding the most difficult part is giving myself time. Once I sit down and start writing, it’s challenging to stop. I think I might be a little addicted. I’ve got all these experiences and perspectives from around the world bottled up inside, writing helps me connect the dots and release.

Something else has been happening, too. I was in the time machine booth pouring out my dreams about my life in 2020 for what felt like an eternity. The clip played on stage at WDS had to be edited. In one of the bits that wasn’t played, I started talking about how I’ve created an incredible project, Heaven on Earth, marrying ecology and business. A regenerative tourism ecosystem that grows real food, constructs from natural materials, empowers local communities while serving as a learning portal for holistic living. The unifying principle in everything is design inspired by nature. I was asked who’s helping me accomplish my dream. I had to pause for a second; I figured, “Hey, I’m dreaming here, right? Might as well be fanciful.” So, I said my family is going to help me build this Heaven – I thought they’d push me forward and stand rooted by my side. Well, it’s happening now. I’m realizing its been happening for a long time.

Dreams do come true.