Why do you buy things? 


Bathroom graffiti gem in nyc.

Most of us know there are more important things in life than material possessions, but our culture doesn’t put much emphasis on that as we are bombarded with advertisements that prey upon our insecurities.  Television, movies, tabloids, etc. make it hard not to get caught up in that mindset of “keeping up with the Joneses”.  How many times have you lusted after something, finally got it, then immediately set your sights on something else?  I’ve definitely been-there-done-that and still do, but now I try to ask myself these questions:  What is it that I’m trying to fill?  What do I think a certain possession will give me?  Attention?  Status?  Approval?  Am I trying to avoid a deeper issue by covering it up with a superficial object?  Do I really need it?  These are good questions to ask yourself.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting nice things, but its worth questioning your motives for acquiring “stuff”.  In the end, be grateful for what you have.  Chances are, the most precious things in your life do not have a price tag 🙂