What a beautiful way to turn something irrelevant into something worthy of applause


65,000 “retired” CDs upcycled into art:

Set along the landscape of Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, Monro recently completed a solo show in which he covered the 23 acres of the Gardens with a handful of complicated light designs. Using CDs as the basis for this particular piece, Monro recycled more than 65,000 discs to form these contemporary Waterlilies in Bloom. The piece greets visitors with a metallic glow as it pays homage to Longwood’s iconic water lilies. The many retired audio discs float along the Large Lake during the day, reflecting brilliant flashes of sunlight in a rainbow of colors.  

(via Recycled CDs Make Waterlilies — Juxtapoz.com)

More work by Bruce Munro featured previously on Unconsumption here, and more repurposing of CDs here.

(Yes, same artist. In the above text, quoted from Juxtapoz magazine’s site, Munro’s referred to as “Monro.”)

Side note: I guess CDs sitting in water for four months didn’t harm the water quality on Longwood’s grounds?!