Well done Warby Parker + Vision Spring. Solid example of how the “Buy One, Give One” model can be far greater than a handout.


STORIES FROM THE FIELD: Vijaya Laxmi’s shirtmaking business serves as her family’s primary source of income. When her vision began to weaken a couple of years ago, it wasn’t long before Vijaya had difficulty even threading a needle. There was nowhere for Vijaya to purchase affordable eyeglasses anywhere near her village and Vijaya had to rely on her granddaughter to help her thread needles. While her granddaughter was in school, Vijaya struggled to finish her work and it wasn’t long before Vijaya’s customers began sourcing from other seamstresses.

In September, VisionSpring visited Vijaya’s village. She received a free exam provided by a Vision Entrepreneur and found a pair of glasses that she could afford. Immediately Vijaya was back to sewing 10 shirts a day, reducing the burden on her family and restoring her independence.

— For every pair of glasses we sell, we distribute a pair to someone in need. We do this through non-profit partners like VisionSpring, who provide glasses and training to people in developing countries to start their own businesses selling glasses. These Vision Entrepreneurs directly impact people like Vijaya.