I read an Article in the International Herald Tribune today talking about how the Obama administration is trying to do everything all at once and as a result will do nothing correctly.

There is a lot of buzz and hype around the Obama administration and everyone knows that the expectations are extremely high. He still has very very high approval ratings, suggesting that the public likes what he is doing. However, there are (as there should be) some critics out there always trying to point out the bad things. Most of the Obama criticism I have seen thus far has been kind of silly and doesn’t make much sense to me logically. This opinion, however, really stuck to me.

I think one of my biggest personal flaws is that I always try and do everything all at once and often times get overwhelmed. This can be bad because often times it really strains my time management skills and there are only so many hours in a day and so many things you can keep in your head at once. I heave learned (the hard way) that I cannot do everything all at once, that I must take things one at a time and focus in on specific tasks in order to accomplish the greater goals I have in my head. somehow, however, everything always gets done no matter how much there is or how impossible it may seem. Task by task, everything gets done.

Obama has put together a team of rockstars and if anyone can take on the insurmountable task of re writing modern economics as we know it, it is him and his team. I still have a lot of faith in his ability to lead and judging by approval ratings, so do lots of other people, but I think it is really important to keep thinking critically about what he is doing and criticizing things and making them better because it can always be better.

However, I think the reality of today’s situation is such that it really is absolutely necessary to take on all the problems at once, there really isn’t any time to waste and I think it is absolutely necessary to handle everything all at once. That is what a great leader is supposed to do.