In 2004, Scott Harrison decided to make a change. It was an adjustment of grand proportions. In fact, there was nothing small about it. He crossed an ocean to change his life as well as thousands, maybe even millions of others’.

In 2004, Scott left the streets of New York City and a glamorous career in nightclub promoting. His destination? Eventually West Africa, but first a floating hospital with a group called Mercyships. According to Scott, convincing humanitarian groups that his prior career in nightlife made him a fitting candidate for rigorous volunteer work was a bit of a tough sell.

 After some persistence Scott explains, “One organization said ‘yes’ only because they had to.” No one else had applied for the position.

We’re glad they did because it was the start of a profound, remarkable journey, which in turn helped inspire Scott’s current endeavor called charity: water. “charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 100% of public donations directly fund water projects.”

Today Scott claims to still not know exactly what charity means, but many credit charity: water and Scott for reinventing it. From implementing its 100% donation model to democratizing philanthropy (making it easy for anyone to make a difference) to innovating how we can make a difference, it’s one of the most compelling and groundbreaking donation platforms available today.

We could never do Scott’s story justice, and would encourage everyone to take the time to watch, listen and read it in its entirety. As social entrepreneurship continues to grow exponentially and become the preferred way of sustainable business and changing the world, Scott’s story will continue to inspire. We’d like to thank Scott and the charity: water team for solving problems that were once perceived as unsolvable.