It’s tough to believe I’ve been here at Rancho Margot for one month now. One month is a long time, but it really feels like I just started working here. The relaitonships I’ve been able to build here have been wonderful and I’m truly inspired by everything I’ve learned here. I know there is a huge opportunity to make a positive impact on the world using permaculture design and tourism.

I’ve been focusing most of my attention the last two weeks on projects with Juan. He is a visionary man that is trying to do a lot right now. Rancho Margot is like 5 different businesses put together, it’s a complex system and no one has ever done anything quite like this before on this scale. Juan is working on proving the business model and I’m really thankful I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with him. 

I’ve spent time working with accounting as well as planning and forecasting. I learned to use google sketchup and built an interactive map of the huerta. I’m also working on creating a model to help measure yields and plan for the vegetable garden. There’s so many fascinating projects here that I get excited about working on, I feel like I’m just getting started here.

I will likely spend another week or so here and then headed to Nicaragua to travel with a dear friend for a few days. From there, we’ll see where life takes me next.