This is the arrugula I planted here nearly a month ago. I can’t believe I have been at the Rancho for more than five weeks. I thought the arrugula was going to die the day after I planted it, but it has grown strong and full and is almost ready to harvest for the kitchen. It’s remarkable to be able to see and taste this drastic change from a seedling to a full grow plant in just one month.

Like the arrugula, I think I’ve grown a lot in my time here. I have learned a lot here about permaculture, what it takes to run an eco lodge and about sustainable tourism. What I learned most about was community though. It’s amazing how quickly one can from strong relationships in such a short amount of time. It’s almost as if I’ve left my family in Costa Rica. I know I need to go though and as difficult as it is to leave all these kindred souls I have met, I know I will see them again soon. No goodbyes, only see you laters. 

Now I look forward to the next phase of this adventure in Nicaragua. I changed my flight home, so I’ll be sticking around the area until June. I’ve found some potential opportunities to go and volunteer at permaculture sustainable tourism places in Nicaragua and hope to continue learning and connecting with communities here. The world is my oyster.