Hello There!

As you may have known, I left my job with PwC a few months ago to focus my time and energy on social entrepreneurship. My partner Priya and I have been working on a photoblog called the simple good. We did a soft launch about 2 months ago and have been collecting valuable feedback, redesigning our blog, creating a logo and working on what’s next in the mean time. We are now trying to broadcast our message to a wider audience with a full launch of our blog. 
the simple good is a crowd-sourced photoblog focused on appreciating the little things in life. The inspiration came from our journeys traveling and experiencing the different realities of life across the globe. We collect public submissions of images coupled with personal stories about how the image exemplifies the simple good. The images could be anything from street art to landscapes to anything and everything that is simply good. The goal is to enable people to discover and share different perspectives from around the world inspiring good thoughts and good actions for ourselves, our communities and our world. 

This idea was inspired by you. I have been studying in academia and learning about business through my previous job, but what I have really been doing my whole life is learning about people and society from each and every person that I have ever interacted. That means you, thanks for inspiring me, you are my most valuable asset. 

Please help me spread the word by participating with your submissions, sharing the message of the simple good with your networks through facebook and twitter and encouraging all of your friends to get involved and spread good. If you like the pictures and the stories on the blog and want to stay updated, you can subscribe and get the simple good delivered to you daily. Everyone likes good, so don’t be afraid to show the whole world that you do too. Every little thing will go a long way and I would be honored if you could join me in the next step of this journey. The more we spread this, the good-er our world will be. 

Let me know if you have questions, feedback or if you just want to chat!

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