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Lessons that Keep Learning from Experience Institute

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Before joining Experience Institute (Ei), I was already sold on experiential learning. I’d been a nerd in my younger years – always studying books and seeking answers to my many musings – but, learning how to be a better human didn’t happen through studying books, it transpired over seven years of nomadic living. So, when it came to continuing my higher education, I didn’t need convincing that experience was the best way to learn. There’s a few lessons from that year of designing my own graduate degree that continue to…read more

Travel and Experience is the Mother of all Education

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I’ve been blessed with a wealth of experience in my life- they’ve taught me everything I remember and helped chisel me into the person I am today. I’m blessed that my parents even let me go chase most of these wild experiences, I guess it got easier to handle after the insanity of Kenya. They are the most supportive flexible parents that a round son in a square world could have ever asked for, I am truly blessed. I’ve had every opportunity to learn, achieve, travel that people would kill…read more

Risk Taking

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I love taking risks. One might call me a risk-seeker, I have developed a ridiculously high tolerance for uncertainty and the unknown. I love it, this attitude has helped make me a stronger, more resilient person who is constantly practicing fortitude. I feel most comfortable when I get out of an airport in a foreign country where I don’t know anyone, the language or where I’m going to sleep that night. This necessity to figure it out and make things happen is exhilarating and enriching. Taking risks isn’t easy though…read more

Ripe Mangoes

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I spent a little less than a month volunteering at Project Bona Fide on the finca in the town of Balgue on Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua. I was supposed to go home a few months ago in April once my volunteer time in Costa Rica came to an end, but I felt like Nicaragua was calling my name and I had to go seek out an opportunity where I could learn more about permaculture and farming. I scoped out a few places in Nicaragua scouring the web looking at…read more

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Such an amazing and unique experience. It’s not everyday a local cook invites you and your friends into her home to learn the art of making Nicaraguan chocolate. I’m continually astounded by the caliber and strength of women here. One day I was attempting to chop wood preparing for the rainy season, it’s much harder than it looks. I was hacking away rather unsuccessfully sweating up a storm in the blistering sun as the kitchen was looking onwards. Clemen, the cook, was passing by; she took the ax from me,…read more

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