Your Turn Challenge Day 6: Tell us about a time when you surprised yourself

I surprise myself every moment I am present.

When my lungs breathe oxygen into my bloodstream.
When one of the trillions of cells in my body dies.
When one of the trillions of cells in my body comes alive.
When I get sick and my body recovers itself.
When I take a step and can put my foot precisely where I look and want to put it.
When I try surfing and get thrashed by the waves, yet manage to come out alive.
When I go scuba diving and I breathe under water.
When I smell the freshness after it rains.
When I taste the rawness of a green mango dipped in salt.
When I think about something and it happens.
When I fall down, cry like a little bitch and get up again.
When I feel the energy of the forest resonating inside of me.
When I cry.
When I laugh.
When I ask for something and it shows up right in front of me, miraculously. Or when it doesn’t.
When I wake up in the morning, come upstairs and find my mom making ginger chai for me and her.
When my parents started brewing kombucha at home.
When I jumped off the bridge, backwards.
All those times I almost died. Almost.
When I pushed the limits of myself further than I had ever imagined only to find that there is no limit.
When I see glimpses of past lives.
When I see things flying around in the sky that are definitely not planes, birds, stars or satellites. Weird.
When I dance like a maniac without running into anyone.
When I remember to stand up straight, feeling each of my vertebrates stack one on top of the other.
When I used to get so angry that I broke things.
When I gave so much away that I lost myself.
When I was dependent on everything and everyone else.
When I discovered that I am actually the designer of my own experiences, my life, my world.
When I started writing my own story.
When I loved more than I lost.
When I started playing the ukulele.
When I gave up my dreams for new ones.
When something that used to surprise me happens and I’m not so surprised anymore.
When I speak fluently.
When I give someone a hug and felt their heart beating with mine.
When I almost gave up, on everything.
When I didn’t shower for a month.
When I became more naked.
When I stopped being ashamed.
When I stuck with something I started.
When I became an alchemist.

Life is full of wonder, everywhere. Will you choose to be here?