I walked into a time machine booth and on the other side of the lens, there was a sweet and determined voice asking, “What’s your life going to be like in 2020?” It was 2013 and I was finishing up my final apprenticeship as part of my graduate degree with Experience Institute. I was super scared to get into the time machine booth, I was trying to figure out what I would do after Experience Institute and was feeling anxiety about the plethora of options and the idea of blazing a new trail for myself – in pursuit regeneration. After some encouraging words from a familiar face, I got into the booth and let my heart sing. I figured no one would ever hear/see this, so I might as well be 1,000,000,000% honest. I talked about building a regenerative tourism ecosystem and that I would partner with my family and in a moment of extra zest, I pointed to myself and said, “You wrote that book!” Later in the conference, I was called up to the stage in front of 3,000 people and offered support and help to write that book, you can read more about that fateful evening here.

I have written about 500,000 words so far am currently writing the first draft of my first book. Currently, I’m working on refining a book proposal. Though there are many words left to write, I do know that, based on its initial outline, the book will be:

  • an autobiography of a young man from the suburbs of Chicago who ditched a promising career as a financial consultant on Wall Street in order to build a collection of eco-businesses in Central America.
  • about surrendering to the “slipstream of synchronicity,” a way of engaging the world with undying optimism and a willingness to let go.
  • about turning weakness into great strength.
  • about regeneration.

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  • When: 2013-present
  • Where: Global
  • Skills Sharpened: Communication, Writing, Editing, Persistence, Project Management
  • Website: http://regenerationbook.com/