Andrew Hyde owns just 15 things. He’s courageously transitioned from over-consumer to pure minimalist, but that’s not to say he hasn’t done so in style. While Andrew’s list of possessions is unusually concise, he’s not skimping on top-drawer, quality items. Among the brands making the cut were Patagonia, Apple and Arc’teryx.

In case you were curious or uneasy about the potential hygiene risks associated with such a tiny endeavor, we have wonderful news: Andrew does plenty of laundry. And there are a few items like socks and underwear that he does not count in his top 15 provided they can be easily replaced and have little to no value once worn.

 Most impressively is not what Andrew has managed to do, but rather what he’s been able to learn. Sure minimizing your possession list to only 15 items is a remarkable feat, but the lessons it’s taught have the potential to last far longer than any jacket, laptop or pair of headphones.

In Andrew’s own words:

This whole experience has taught me something very simple: debt kills dreams. Debt is cash, things and fear … I don’t have much right now. 3 shirts, a pair of pants and shorts. Some odds and ends. I do some pretty interesting and amazing things everyday, and not once in the last month did I really want anything more … It has turned my life from stuff centric to relationship centric.”

 Check out the full list below. We encourage you to reblog or connect via Twitter (using #15things) to share some or all of the items that would make your top 15. Let’s grow the conversation!

 1.    Arc’teryx Miura 30 backpack

 2.    NAU shirt

 3.    Mammut rain jacket

 4.    Arc’teryx tshirt

 5.    Patagonia running shorts

 6.    Quick Dry towel

 7.    NAU wool jacket

8.    Toiletry kit

9.    Smith sunglasses

10.   Wallet

11.   MacBook Air

12.   iPhone 3GS

13.   NAU dress shirt

14.   Patagonia jeans

15.   Running shoes