It’s about time we own up to our faults and fix them. Vote with your wallet to buy positively today. 

Now we are faced with the inevitable aftermath. This is evident in health reports due to our over-excessive consumption of animals. Cancer, heart disease, Osteoporosis, strokes, kidney stones, Anemia, diabetes, and more.
Even our food has now been affected and at its very source. With antibiotics used to promote weight gain in animals (who can’t gain weight under the stressful, overcrowded living conditions in factory farms); with the over-use of pesticides and insecticides; or artificial hormones (designed to increase milk production, litter size and frequency); with artificial colors, herbicides, larvicides, synthetic fertilizers, tranquilizers, growth and appetite stimulants …it’s no wonder that Mad Cow Disease, Foot and Mouth Disease, Pfiesteria, and a host of other animal related abnormalities have been unleashed on the human public. We reap just what we sow.
Nature is not responsible for these.
We are.
So a change is inevitable. Either we make it ourselves, or we will be forced to make it by Nature Itself.