We first became familiar with Holstee – a lifestyle goods company that designs with a conscious – through its company manifesto, and it’s exactly the kind of declaration of intention we think companies should embrace. It even inspired us to share our vision for buy positively (see below video).

If you like bikes and the idea of making a fulfilling and creative life, you’ll absolutely love this video.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDmt_t6umoY]

buy positively vision We will inspire a movement for smarter consumption. We will steadfastly support good brands that are also committed to solving social problems. We will become the benchmark for developing sustainable business processes that concurrently drive social innovation. We will uncover new beauty and prove the social and economic value created by giving sustainably. We will help influence a new normal – democratizing philanthropy, unleashing the power of simple acts and demonstrating how collaboration is a strategic advantage. Consumption won’t be a bad word anymore.