Do you ever wonder about where food in the grocery store comes from? Do you ever find yourself asking, I wonder how this grows? Or, I wonder how all these pomegranates got here? We live in a boundless food culture that refuses to be bound by seasons. Packaged food ingredients are increasingly chemical concoctions of corn and soybeans. They’re even feeding our chickens and cows corn to make them extra fat. Food companies don’t want us to know that, however, and they do a pretty good job of covering it up.

Niels van Hoof wants to make it easier to for kids to know where their food comes from. He’s developing a smartphone application called Taggie which enables kids to scan a produce (fruits and vegetables) barcode and then interact with 3d animation on their phone teaching them about where the scanned food comes from and how it grows. He’s making it fun for kids to learn and make informed decisions about what food they put into their bodies.

Van Hoof built this application as a graduate design school project after taking some inspiration from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. With all the issues in our food system, obesity and fast food culture; it’s clear we face massive challenges as a society to consume better. Equipped with more awareness, changing the perspectives of our children will help change our world for the better. This application is a great example of us heading in the right direction. Great job Niels, were excited to see how this application progresses and hope kids will use this it to help create a culture of better consumption. 

via GOOD