Today, a Black Friday counterculture is rapidly evolving. Admittedly, I love a good deal and while a boost in consumer spending is hard to argue, being trampled in a Walmart is something I hope to never experience.

To me Black Friday is a good day, but mostly because I think of it as the beginning of the Christmas season. I also find it fascinating to see how some companies are daring to rebrand what the day represents.

As the risk of missing out on big holiday revenues, companies like Patagonia and Holstee have decided there are more important things than moving inventory. For Patagonia, its Common Threads Initiative is both a challenge and collaboration between its brand and its consumers to “reduce our environmental footprint.” To Holstee, today is another opportunity to be thankful for the people around us that make life so meaningful.

The Patagonia Common Threads Initiative video is only a couple of minutes and worth the time. Rather than continuing to ramble on about Black Friday and the history of American consumerism, I think I’ll take Holstee’s advice. After all, Tubmlr will still be here tomorrow.

At holstee, we have chosen to take this day to pause and think about what’s really important to us and encourage you to do the same. Please take this beautiful day to enjoy time with your friends and loved ones.