How do we evolve capitalism to maximize more than shareholder wealth? To consider significant issues that have historically been overlooked? Things like human rights, the planet and accountability.
Esquire may have said it best: “BCorps might turn out to be like civil rights for blacks or voting rights for women –
Eccentric, unpopular ideas that took hold and changed the world.”
According to BCorporation founder Jay Coen Gilbert, “The new operating system of capitalism is about walking and chewing gum at the same time.” This means a shift in traditional shareholder capitalism to a much more holistic model called stakeholder capitalism: creating value for shareholders (a company’s financial contributors) while simultaneously creating value for our society – our workforce, communities and the environment.
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BCorps is a new way of doing business for a new economy. Their certification helps separate good companies from good marketers. And they’ve done a pretty excellent job to date breaking through all of the noise from greenwashing brands.
BCorps vets applicant brands through a rigorous system rooted in real facts and metrics to ensure its members are genuinely committed to a triple bottom line: profits, people and planet.
So if you like the idea of businesses being part of the solution rather than the problem, visit BCorps and support its collective of brands. If you’re already familiar with the movement, keep following. They’re blazing new trails and even shaping legislation that provides newfound incentive to become a benefit corporation.