This year, I want to focus on living a balanced life. We live in a weird, fast-changing world dominated by a culture of mass consumption and scale. Society is telling us to focus on the wrong things and as a result we’re wasting away our world and we don’t even know it. I want to live in a world that has more of a conscience, more balance, and more happiness. I think if you look within and change yourself, you can change the world, so achieving better balance will be front of mind for me this year.

Being an eccentric and passionate person makes it especially difficult to strike a balance because I just get so excited about things to the point of being consumed by them. I don’t function well in the middle, I thrive on the fringes and in extremes, which is a bit anti-balance. I think passion is a great thing though and by no means do I want to change this about myself.

Instead, I want to spend more time pursuing a better mix of passions. For example, I’m passionate about the ventures I’m working on and plan to commit lots of time to them, much more than I would for a full time job. I also get really excited about learning new things, traveling, spending time with friends and family, extreme sports, photography, being outdoors, going on bike rides, getting lost, cooking, meeting new people, smelling flowers, seeing beautiful things and laughing until my stomach hurts and my eyes water, just to name a few. So, every week, I am going to ask myself, “Am I balanced?” and consciously carve out time so I can enjoy all the great things that spread joy in the world.

It’s easy to say ‘I wish I had more time for _____.” Stop wishing and start making it happen. Life is so precious and way too short to spend it complaining and dreaming about all the things you could/should do. Dreams are great and all, committing to making them real is so much better though.

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