Apparently we’re not the only ones confident in the future for brands making a difference. In a recent Fast Company article, editor Morgan Clendaniel argues that, “The brands that survive will be the brands that make life better.” Clendaniel cites a recent Havas Media study on consumer engagement that concludes, companies not making a difference—to the world and to consumers—will find it increasingly difficult to stay alive and relevant. Producing products that are slightly better than the competition is already becoming a lacking strategy for growth. Many brands across all industries are working on developing innovative ways to create true social impact that resonates with their consumers. The great companies of tomorrow will no longer be solely defined by great products and profits; that’s just not good enough anymore.
Consumers are demanding more and more from our brands and the ones that make it to tomorrow will be the ones that are most effectively connecting with their consumers. There is a long over-due and difficult journey ahead for brands that want to survive. The power really lies with consumers; they have the ability to change things, expect more and make our world better.