The other day my great uncle mentioned that he might upgrade his cell phone plan to include texting. As it turns out, he’s still rather old fashion, opting to pay on a per text basis. But now that he’s up to over 80 texts per month, he’s reassessing the situation. My uncle is 90 years old.

This got me thinking. How many people do I know without a cell phone? Other than infants and kids under double digits, I was hard-pressed to name any. In fact, before long, some proud moms and dads may even be making home movies and scrapbooking about their baby’s first text.

All joking aside, it’s pretty remarkable how heavily we rely on our cell phones. Unless in the shower, my phone is usually within arm’s reach. For all of these reasons, I was inspired to read a recent FearLess Revolution story by Lance Gentry on how he found that Happiness is Not Having a Cell Phone. The post really makes one think twice about what it means to be truly connected. According to Lance, “The hardest part in the beginning was sitting at stoplights with nothing to do.” But as he notes in his post, he’s become a ‘big fan’ of radio and has found plenty of meaningful ways to reallocate his time.

Lance is the President of Justin’s Nut Butter. Justin’s makes deliciously organic nut butters and their commitment to social responsibility and the environment is equally as impressive. If you haven’t sampled any of Justin’s products, I’d highly recommend a tasting. Be sure to also check out Love Laugh Veggies!, Lance and his wife’s blog on disease prevention and staying healthy.