This week, surpassed 15 million members worldwide. This is huge. Avaaz shifts global political policy and stands up to make the voices of the unheard and oppressed heard loud and clear. They leverage the power of the web and social media to effect real change in the world and. Avaaz does a harnessing and engaging the collective power of the people to do good. 

“Avaaz’s online community can act like a megaphone to call attention to new issues; a lightning rod to channel broad public concern into a specific, targeted campaign; a fire truck to rush an effective response to a sudden, urgent emergency; and a stem cell that grows into whatever form of advocacy or work is best suited to meet an urgent need.”

Avaaz has helped keep the internet free, served as a megaphone to Syrian people, influenced fossil fuel subsidies negotiations at RIO+20 and the G8 summits and helped fight corruption in Brazil, just to name a few. They are empowering people to start their own campaigns using petitions. Avaaz is doing great things in the world and we hope to see them flourish even more. 

Humanity is thinking about our future as a sustainable and just society. We live in an increasingly inter-connected web that makes it easier for anyone to be heard than ever before. We’re living in exciting times right now. Social entrepreneurs using all the tools at their disposal are driving society forward and we are headed in the right direction. We hope to be able to emulate the power of Avaaz’s impact and help accelerate the movement for smarter consumption. Each of us has the power to create beautiful change and we’d love for you to join the journey