I’ve been living on the beach in San Juan Del Sur for the last couple days and think this is where I’ll be living for the next month or so as I commute to O with Kevin. 

I’ve been living with Travis at the house he rented for five weeks as he’s taking a little break from the Ranch and it’s been incredible. The place is so beautiful, it’s a block away from the beach and it’s got a pool. It’s so nice of Travis to be hosting me and other friends from the ranch. Chelsea came a few nights ago, then Miles came shortly after and Dani and Esti arrived today. 

It’s a nice change of scene from the rainforest to being on the beach. I’ve been spending my time playing in the ocean, walking on the beach, looking at masterpieces in the sky, picking between gelato flavors, cooking food from the market, sitting and appreciating how great life is. 


It’s such a fun way to travel, I really love this. I don’t feel pressed for time or like I have to be out doing everything all the time because this place is home for the next month and it’s totally cool just to hang out. I feel like I’m really getting absorbed into this town. It might not be the cleanest beach town, nor the prettiest, but it’s so real. Over the weekend, the beach was packed with Nicaraguan families out to play, piling up in pick up trucks and trailers. You know it’s real when you see more Nicas than Gringos. 


The most trying things I’ve experienced thus far include things like accidently squirting lime juice into my eye and swass. Not bad amid bombings at the Boston Marathon and earthquakes in Dubai. I feel blessed, life is so good. 

Thanks universe, I know you always got my back.