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Permaculture Design Course Day 5 : Trees

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We’re half way through now with the permaculture course at Zaytuna Farm and still drinking from the fire hose. The main takeaway from today was that trees are the shit. I’ve always felt very connected to trees since I was a kid. I love climbing up trees and seeing how high I can jump out of them without getting hurt, it’s great fun. I’ve found myself seeing trees as metaphors for many things throughout my life. I’ve been a fan of trees for a while, one might even consider me…read more

Permaculture Design Course Day 4 : Climatic Factors

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Today was really good. I felt so engaged and took more than six pages of notes. Most inspiring, I learned about a guy that is growing citrus trees in the Austrian Alps! Keep reading to find out more 🙂 Drinking from the fire hose is becoming more manageable. The more I learn, the more intuitive all of this permaculture stuff is beginning to get. I’m realizing that permaculture is really just a word and that I’ve actually been thinking along this framework for my whole life. Things are feeling more…read more

Permaculture Design Course Day 3: Foundation

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Today we started to get into some more of the technical aspects of permaculture design talking about guilds, planning, patterns and we even spent some time with Geoff where he gave us a history of Zaytuna Farm and highlighted some of the key changes over the years. I felt more at peace with the apparent teaching style/learning style dissonance that had arisen the day before. The nature of permaculture in practice is decidedly non-linear and seemingly chaotic, so it only makes sense that the education of such a topic would…read more


Permaculture Design Course Day 2 : Methods

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Day two has been full of continuing the discussion from setting up the context yesterday and building off this to cover the ethics, principles and methods that inform permaculture design. The most challenging part of this course is that I feel like I’m constantly drinking from a fire hose and there is just so much information to grasp. I have a feeling much of this will really settle in after the conclusion of the course when I am out practicing what I’ve learned. It’s really neat to be able to see…read more


Permaculture Design Course Day 1

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I’ve began a permaculture design course at the Zaytuna Farm with Rhamis Kent as the instructor. Zaytuna Farm is the personal property of Geoff Lawton, he is one of the world’s foremost experts and authorities on permaculture and this farm is one of the world’s most well-known demonstration sites. Permaculture comes from Australia and Geoff studied under the guys that originated the idea (Bill Mollison). It’s quite an incredible opportunity and I don’t think it’s really set in yet. I’ve come to the source of the fountain to drink some…read more

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